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Misono Molybdenum

These beautifully crafted knives are forged in Seki, the traditional home of knife making in Japan. The blades are of high carbon molybdenum steel, with asymmetrical edges, suitable for right-handed chefs. These knives are from Misono's most affordable range, but have much in common with their famed UX10 range, and are wonderful knives in their own right.

Tojiro Pro DP

These knives have double-bevel blades of the same composite construction and materials as the Tojiro DP range, but with Vanadium added to the core blade, allowing them to be sterilised at high temperature. The attractive handles are of 18/8 stainless steel, and are ribbed to provide good grip (a common problem with metal-handled knives). Like all of our Tojiro knives, those in the Pro DP range are hand-sharpened to honbatsuki standard, the ultimate edge demanded by the Japanese professional.

Tojiro Pro SD Sushi Knives

Specialist sushi knives, these all metal designs have single-bevel blades of Molybdenum Vanadium stainless steel. The unique handle design is ribbed on one side to allow maximum grip for the fingers, while the other side is shaped to fit snugly in the palm.

Jubei Sushi Knives

These sushi knives are hand-forged in the Hyogo region of Japan. The single-bevel blades are of quality AUS8 steel, a high-carbon steel alloyed with molybdenum and vanadium, with a Rockwell hardness (HRC) of 59 to 60 degrees. The blade is cushioned on the bevel side by a layer of softer steel (a technique known as 'awase' in Japan). Handles are of bubinga wood, also known as African rosewood.

Narihira Sushi Knives

With single-bevel blades of quality stainless steel and magnolia wood handles, these sushi knives combine traditional styling with modern blade-making technology. Priced from just £14.99, and available in both deba (chopping/filleting) and yanagiba (slicing) models, these knives offer great value to the cook looking for traditionally styled sushi knives.

Knife Sharpeners

We recommend that you use either diamond or ceramic tools for sharpening our knives. We offer both ceramic whetstones and easy to use ceramic disk sharpeners.

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